Why With Us?

Why with us?

A reputable consulting group established to provide businesses with the highest caliber of dependable results. We are committed to rewarding our clients with distinctive client relations and business support services. With our experience in local and international markets, we excel equally serving the individual, private and government sectors while providing corporate quality. NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC comprises innovation with energetic brilliance that promises to deliver exceptional service incorporating value, integrity and an unconditional work ethic. With an excellent past performance record as exemplified through our escalating client renewal and referral pattern, we are committed to providing your business with customized strategic solutions.

NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC is a dynamic, energetic and corporate structure of inspired, accomplished and multi-industry agents committed to professional and personal excellence in service. Our independent contractors and consultants are rigorously selected for assignment with the NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC team, having qualifications of both outstanding professional work performance and personal character.

Finding people is easy. Finding people with the skills, temperament and experience to contribute to your specific project and market is a challenging task. That's why we develop relationships with proven talent in the industry and build our network of candidates to serve your unique business needs

Our talented specialists have outstanding credibility of enhancing your production of growth and success.

Our Skills

Aviation IT & CSS3
Risk Assessments
Internal Audits


Nova Enterprises, LLC is a business-consulting firm. Our business is helping make companies more efficient, to increase its value and improve its structure. NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC was founded based on the principle that businesses should deliver tangible results, not just staff augmentation, reports or contractors- to their clients. Our global network of people and our diverse culture are the heart of NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC. We choose people of integrity, ambition, proven experience, and of public service. NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC consultants are highly ethical and have advanced degrees in business, law and human resources, information technology, communications, finance and economics. We are socially conscious and diverse with a passion for achieving results, which drives our firm’s growth and continuous success rate.

Our Operating Principles

  • Perform with the “NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC” work ethic and passion for excellence
  • Demonstrate a “one team” approach
  • Be practical and mission focused while having fun along the way
  • Remain open-minded yet streamlined in our practice
  • Continue highly ethical and close relationships with our clients
  • Communicate clearly and directly - no jargon or ambiguity
  • Tell it like it is - honesty is our policy

    What We Do

    Our business is helping to make companies better developed, more valuable and more efficient

    We look at businesses as an integrated sum of their owners, employees and customer engagement far beyond the institutional view and organization design. Our accomplishments are met after legitimate and tangible solutions change a company’s financial results. We work with clients to make it happen.

    NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC provides consultative management support in the core areas of:

    • Organzational Development
    • Resource Integration
    • Manage Operations
    • Business Support

    IT Risk Assessment

    The best offense is a good defense when it comes to your network’s security. Security testing and assessments provide organizations with the knowledge, expertise and efficiency needed to conduct thorough security and risk evaluations of your environment. Vulnerability assessments can identify and quantify where your network is at risk. Penetration testing will subject your network to real-world cyber-attack scenarios and give an evaluation of organizational defenses.

    Aviation Risk Assesment

    The goal is to identify hazards, which are events, objects, or circumstances that could contribute to an undesired event. Good aeronautical decision-making includes risk management, a process that systematically identifies hazards, assesses the degree of risk, and determines the best course of action. There are many models for risk management, including charts that generate a numerical “score.” Although these tools can be useful, numbers-based tools suggest a level of precision that may be misleading.

    Many consulting firms can tell you what's wrong. At NOVA Enterprise, we go beyond identifying problems. We roll up our sleeves and fix them. After all, our staff has served at the highest levels in the Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board and the aviation industry. When you hire NOVA Enterprises, you work with an elite group of aviation experts who are unmatched in operations, safety, airworthiness, certification and regulatory compliance. As former FAA employees we understand the system, have the experience, know the players and have the relationships needed to get things done.

    Internal Audit

    Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

    Clients Say About Us

    NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC works across a wide range of industries, from corporate clients to private organizations. Our clients are bold, active in their communities and are ambitious business leaders. They think and act like owners and have the talent, the will, and the open-mindedness required to succeed. All share our passion for results and are prepared to act decisively to achieve them.


    NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC provides products that are ecologically respectful to our earth. We value customers who are responsive to the mission of going green at a time when our environment is hurting the most from over consumption, ozone deterioration and just plain wastefulness.

    As a leader, you shop with dignity for your environment, your business and the consideration of others who will use the planet’s resources centuries from today.

    Pro Bono/Community Service

    NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC and their partners have created close relationships with organizations around the world that put their community first. Serving the community is a rich tradition with NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC. Our goal is to make a significant contribution and to obtain case team investments with our cutting-edge service. Read examples of NOVA ENTERPRISES LLC’s volunteer service below:

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